Heidi Moore reveals the Complete and Utter Truth about the History of the Erotic Massage London Scene, as well as the current sabotage

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I’m Heidi, the owner and Director of Peachy Massage, London’s most resplendent and cherished English Erotic Massage Agency, which has been serving clients for over 8 years now. I write this article with acknowledgment to Karma Tantric London’s alleged insight into the entire erotic massage industry in London. Please view http://karmatantric.com/erotic-massage-scams-revealed/

Personally, as one of the longest running erotic massage companies, I find it quite audacious and patronizing especially as this NEW company have merely been running for months, as opposed to years.

The Absolute Beginning of this innovative Concept of Adult Body to Body Massage Therapy in London

Before the creation of Peachy Massage London Ltd, a registered and legitimate company, I worked in the psychotherapy sector, despite graduating with a BA Honours degree in French and German from Reading University. I was always intrigued and fascinated with human behaviour and our mental thought processes. To a great extent, I utilise my knowledge of psychology within my current business structure. That is why I am stringent during the interview procedure and insist on only recruiting those Masseuses who are passionate about Tantric Massage, skilled in actual therapeutic massage and have naturally sensuous natures. Furthermore, I ensure they are all educated, classy and enthused about life. All of my Masseuses can communicate on a social as well as on a sensual level. This is a necessary component to being the very best erotic massage London Company.

After travelling extensively, I lived momentarily in beautiful Perth, Australia, and on my return to Little Britain, I met a kind gentleman who introduced me to the whole World of Tantric body to body massage in London. I was immediately drawn in, hooked and enthralled by the concept of Erotic Massage and decided to build the Peachy Kingdom. (My sweet Peaches and I giggle about this terminology ‘The Peachy Kingdom!’) At this particular time – eight years ago – there were merely four erotic massage agencies in London. After having sampled a Couples Massage with several of these companies, I was underwhelmed by the ‘cold, robotic approach’ of their Masseuses, as well as their blatant Ice Queen traits, lack of charm and severe lack of warmth and friendliness. Many could not even converse in English and others were simply ill mannered. The actual massage itself was lacklustre and no real therapeutic massage was incorporated within the experience. Thus, I concocted an innovative blend of massage that merged therapeutic Swedish massage, beautiful body to body massage slides and glides as well as Tantric Massage techniques, so as to offer clients the most relaxing and enthralling massage experience. I went on to create the Peachy London Soapy Massage (Aqua Massage), the tantalizing Tie and Tease Massage, the Foot Fetish Fantasy Massage as well as the erotic belly dance massage. All of these novel Peachy Massages were subsequently copied by many competitors which is generally the norm in this industry and one cannot be resentful.

Furthermore, I insisted on purely recruiting the most highly skilled London Massage Therapists, all of whom received Tantric Massage training by my Elite Masseuse Angel and my former magical Masseuse Enya. I was and am also adamant about only recruiting warm, friendly, engaging, articulate ladies who are passionate about Erotic Massage, adore their tantric massage profession and absolutely love meeting new clients from diverse backgrounds. My Dream Team of Peachy Masseuses are predominately English, Irish, Australian, Italian, Spanish, French, Asian, Swedish and Arabic. Naturally, they are blessed with exquisitely good looks and sparkling personalities. This is the Peachy Tantric Difference – we provide the very best erotic massage London therapists. That’s a fact. I have enough confidence to state that. Our cherished Peachy clients would naturally concur.


With focus and determination, Peachy Massage exceled and we were soon recognised as the friendliest, most reliable erotic massage agency in London – as well as in Europe. Each Peach has her own massage technique rather than having a ‘robotic and mechanical approach’ like our competitors. Their sunny dispositions relax the client immediately and unlike other agencies, I encourage my Masseuses to sit down and have a drink – whether that be a glass of champagne or a cup of tea with their client. This is The Peachy Massage Difference: we provide an unhurried individual massage service. Our lovely ladies are very personable and love to have a bit of banter and a cheeky giggle with their client. It’s very important.

Consequently as Peachy became known as the very best erotic massage London Service, our competitors reacted terribly and quite frankly, maliciously. We were bombarded with emails, threats, and false bookings. Every day, Peachy Massage was reported to Google, Yahoo and Bing for absurd accusations such as ‘our Masseuses were glorified escorts!’ as well as reporting that our business was ‘ permanently closed.’ It became very frustrating and vindictive. These charmless competitors were determined to tarnish our good name. Their ruthlessness became even more diabolical and demonic when they began to compose Peachy Massage reviews on Google stating that I was Mafia and my Masseuses were all addicts. (Absurd albeit fairly comical). This slanderous online bullying demonstrates how easy it is nowadays to smear and damage a person’s good name as well as denigrate a successful company. It is Cyber Bullying to the max and online sabotage should be monitored by these major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. With legal representation, I have managed to get several of the many atrocious company reviews off of Google but some still remain, despite my constant protest that this is ‘defamation of character’ and ‘blatant company sabotage.’ My reaction to these unethical and unscrupulous massage competitors was remarkably composed. I am a pacifist by nature, I don’t believe in aggression and I am not a greedy person. I simply reminded my competitors to focus their energy on their own company model as opposed to attacking mine. There are enough clients for everybody. Greed is deplorable. Bullish cyber bullying is dishonourable and shady.


To trust generally in life can be difficult for everybody. It is especially hard within the adult massage industry. Sadly, greed leads people to deceive and thieve. Whilst I worked hard on my business model behind the scenes – writing for the websites, advertising, marketing, producing our new hypoallergenic Peachy Massage Oil, I gave the role of Peachy receptionist to a member of my family. This was a grave mistake. Whilst I worked like a Trojan to build up the business, this particular member of my family slyly stole virtually all the company finance which led me into a moment of despair and dejection. To be honest the shock of such large scale deceit and theft left me catatonic and it was at this time, I confess to making some bad business choices. I lost my mojo!

However, with the support of my parents and my beautiful best buddy, I regained my passions in life and devotion to Peachy. It was an unforgettable process that simply made myself and my business stronger. With zero finance, I had to rebuild Peachy Massage London and battle on. We soared and conquered. Today I am very proud of my Peachy Team. They stood by me and gave me inspiration.

So after having such REAL experience within the Erotic Massage London Industry, as described above, I can safely say which massage agencies are shoddy and which agencies shine. It would be indecent of me to mention ‘Agency names’ but I will confidently state that Peachy Massage London Ltd and London Tantric are two of the leading sensual Tantric massage companies in London.

I would like to acknowledge Karma Tantric’s allegations of fake photography.


This does, unfortunately, exist and sadly undermines decent companies such as Peachy and London Tantric. As an ethical and decent human being, I only insist on REAL photos that are never over-photoshopped or misleading. This is Absolutely Crucial. When my clients often meet their Peach in the hotel bar, before their massage experience, they ALWAYS recognise the Peachy Masseuse immediately. This is a fact. Some ladies choose not to display their faces fully and I have to respect this. However, one has a good idea how they look on each of their profiles.

The Peachy Massage London Ltd Difference

We only and have always displayed REAL photos of our Tantric Massage Therapists. We believe in having classy, friendly and educated Masseuses. This is reflected within each Peachy Profile. They are dressed immaculately and look chic and unique. We do not need to display our lovely Ladies in Lingerie like all the other sensual massage agencies. After all, we purely offer Tantric Massage – NOT escort services. So it makes perfect Peachy sense that our Gallery of sweet Peaches are smartly dressed and well presented.


Regrettably there are some shoddy London Tantric Massage Companies purely recruiting escorts who know nothing about sensual tantric massage whatsoever. Over the past 8 years, I have stumbled upon this deception and find is despicable.

However, not ALL agencies do this!

Certainly The London Tantric Temple and Amira Massage London purely recruited Tantric Masseuses as opposed to London escorts. At Peachy, we insist on recruiting the very best Tantric Massage London Therapists and ensure they are fully trained in the Art of Tantra. We would never knowingly take on escorts within our Team. I run a legitimate massage company which is registered at Companies House.

I have never had any desire to run an escort agency. Not that I am prudish or disagree with this profession– on the contrary. However, my only interest is Massage and to be law abiding. The irony is I had to fire Brazilian Bella who is currently on Karma Tantric’s website, because she had zero interest in erotic massage.( https://karmatantric.com/the-karma-girls-gallery/)

My clients reported that this particular girl (previously Gabriella on the Peachy website) ‘offered’ sexual services at her very exclusive pad in Chelsea and that she had an atrocious attitude. I was extremely disturbed to hear this, so immediately asked Bella/Gabriella to leave my company and furthermore, paid for each disappointed client to receive a perfect Peachy Tantric Massage as compensation.

Many of my clients can vouch for this occurrence. That is why I find it comical and absurd that Karma Tantric profess to only having Massage Therapists within their Team. The owner of this company has even had the audacity to name one of his Girls Heidi and Emily. I find that peculiar. I am Heidi and my Peachy reception name is Emily!

The Peachy Massage London Difference

We aim for complete client satisfaction and repeat business. We specialise in the beautiful Art of Seductive Massage – a fabulous blend of body to body massage, Swedish massage strokes and Tantric techniques. We DO NOT offer London Escort Services and do not ever wish to. We ensure all of our perfectly Peachy ladies are trained, highly skilled and passionate about their profession. Fact.


I tend to agree that the ‘cheap and cheerful’ London massage agencies do provide shabby, inadequate incall locations. Peachy predominately provides an Executive Outcall London Massage London, thus, my Masseuses frequent London hotels to perform this formidable massage. I do, however, have several Masseuses who can accommodate our regular Peachy clients for an incall massage.

The locations of which are Chelsea, Kensington, Earls Court, Paddington and Bayswater. I have personally visited these apartments and they are all immaculate, super clean and the room is set up beautifully with clean towels, candle light and stimulating, sensual music. There is one solitary Peachy Masseuse in each location which is law abiding. We are not a massage parlour. We offer a luxury English led Erotic Massage Service to adults with Great Expectations.

The Peachy Massage London Difference

As aforesaid, Peachy Massage London Ltd is a registered limited company. We primarily offer an Executive Outcall Massage London Service – also termed ‘Mobile Massage,’ and ‘Visiting Massage London.’ Our few incall London locations are spick and span and in superbly comfortable. Angelina has the smallest pad in Chelsea, however, it is impeccably clean.

We do not profess to be an incall massage London Service, however, we do our best to cater for clients’ needs.


There are, indeed, some very unprofessional massage companies who I know for a fact retain clients’ addresses and details. In fact, when I experienced a Couples Massage over 8 years ago with these initial companies, they kept my address and full name. I received a letter to my personal address a year after the massage! Personally, I find that scary, corrupt and immoral.

Each and every client’s personal information should be erased once the massage booking has taken place. At Peachy we merely save your first name on our main office phone – for example John so we can address you by your first name. However, we have hundreds of Johns so realistically we don’t know which John you are! We never store your surname or your address details. This is against client confidentiality and we would not wish to keep such personal data.

The Peachy Massage London Difference

we are an Ethical, Professional Company which is English led. I am a university graduate, decent and educated lady in my mid 40’s. With a background in psychotherapy and a business diploma, I can assure each and every Peachy client – under Oath – that we would NEVER store your personal details. In fact, our regular clients who have utilised our massage service for over 8 years, still have to give their personal addresses. This may be a tad annoying for them, but I explain each time that I respect the client confidentiality act.

I am not going to exaggerate and say even the FBI cannot see your details – how absurd. Because we simply have no details or records! And the FBI are based in America – not the UK! Furthermore, Tantric Massage is legal – Peachy Massage London Ltd is a legitimate company so would the FBI, M15, Scotland Yard, Colombo or Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple even care about our product?!

It’s laughable.

Peachy Massage London Ltd is 1000% legal. We pay our taxes an employ our Masseuses as contractors who are then responsible for their own tax. Peachy is THE LEGAL BRITISH MASSAGE AGENCY and we have been so for over 8 years. We value our clientele and as the owner of my business I have personally met thousands of our cherished clients for a good old fashioned cup of English Tea! It’s a real treat our clients and put a face to their name – even if it is merely a John with no recorded surname! They are very often entrepreneurs who give me advice and tell me which Peaches stand out for them. It’s good to have this knowledge and I am always thrilled to meet these exceptional and intriguing gentlemen and women.

One of my favourite clients once bought me an Orangutan as a gift! Why give such an unusual present ? Because I met this adorable client over 5 years ago and told him of my passion for animals and my volunteer work in Borneo and Costa Rica. He found it fairly amusing so gift wrapped a giant cuddly Orangutan toy. We also have a truly magnanimous client whom we name Professor Peach! He often treats myself and my Peachy Team to lavish lunches and Peachy parties. We have had such fun over the past 8 years with Professor Peach and we consider him a treasure.

So there you have it – under oath, -on my beloved dog Pancake’s life – this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. New massage companies may claim they are utterly professional and endeavour to undermine the leading Tantric Agencies by adding revolting links to our websites, complaining to each and every advertising company that we are ‘no longer in business’ and so on. THIS IS ILLEGAL ONLINE ACTIVITY AND SEARCH ENGINES SHOULD HIGHLIGHT THE GUILTY CULPRITS. Let’s be civilised and fair – there is no need for malicious behaviour in order to ruin an Exclusive English Massage Company. After all is certainly NOT GOOD KARMA!

Heidi Moore
Humanist, philanthropist, sensualist, pacifist.