Soapy Massage London – Cultivating erotic bathing Bliss

You deserve the best massage, try something new with our sensual, Soapy London Massage. To enhance your London Tantric Massage pampering session, why not penetrate your imagination by incorporating the super sexy Soapy London Massage by Peachy, within this fabulous full body massage treatment. One of the most prominent aims of Tantric Massage therapy is to turn erotic pleasure from solely a genital experience into a complete sensual full body encounter. This can easily be achieved by experiencing the blissful bathing ritual before your Tantric body to body massage commences.

Soapy London Massage, Let Us Wash Your Woes Away

The Peachy Soapy London Massage, also termed ‘The Peachy London Aqua Massage,’ will transport you to the summit of sublime sensual pleasure. This beautiful bathing ritual is very nurturing, affectionate and loving. To promote an intimate ambiance and to ensure deep relaxation, warm glowing candles adorn the bath, which is full of bubbles of fun! Soft sensuous music will quietly play to arouse your auditory senses. Some Peaches even bring along peachy petals and a rubber duck! Once this enticing bathing scene has been set you will be carefully and seductively undressed by your Tantric Massage Therapist, unbuttoning your shirt, sliding off your belt and allowing you to feel the warmth of her body against your naked torso. With a coy smile, your Peach will hold your hand and lead you slowly into the hot, fragrant candlelit bath, whereupon she will join and embrace you. The Peachy Soapy London Massage is very much like a Japanese Geisha girl experience, in that your Masseuse takes on a more subservient role at this point of the massage, by undressing you, adoring your body and cleansing your entire torso with fragrant foams and soaps. The soothing properties of this Aqua Massage will most definitely add an entirely new dimension to your erotic experience.

Seduction Starts in the Mind

Seduction always starts within the mind – the largest erogenous organ! Thus, is essential that your Tantric Masseuse speaks softly to you and spices up the conversation with titillating words to stimulate your mind. Why not even communicate some of your erotic fantasies? This will, most certainly, ramp up the arousal levels!

soapy massage erotic massage

The Peachy Soapy Massage London Process

In veritable Geisha girl style, your Peach will cover your entire naked body with soapsuds, slowly washing them away. Using her fingertips and thumbs in large, firm circles she will caress your scalp which allows you to sink into a deeper state of calm and relaxation. All tension from your neck, shoulders and back will be massaged using a clean bathing mitten as well as her hands. Gentle silky smooth strokes caress your chest and stomach and your inner and outer thighs are washed seductively. Even the tips of each toe are individually washed which feels super sensual. When it comes to cleansing the sensitive areas, lots of gel is used as a lubricant and applied with light, fingertip strokes. Once your entire body is fully soothed and cleansed, your personal Peachy Masseuse will lead you out of the bath to wrap you in a warm, fluffy towel. She will dry your entire naked body gently and affectionately.

Surrender Yourself to the wonders of Tantric Massage

Now you have encountered the pure pleasure of a Soapy Massage, your personal Peach will lead you by the hand into the bedroom to perform the full body to body massage. Every area of your body is addressed and stimulated, kneading the tension from your body, stroking your body with feathers and fingertips, arousing you to the very core. Every single body part plays a role in giving us sensual pleasure so this is important to bear in mind. Not only is your sensuality enhanced, Tantric Massage brings emotional fulfilment. It enhances your health and over well- being.

Pick Peachy for the most Luxurious Soapy Massage in London

The Peachy Dream Team have been massaging London’s worries away for over 8 years. This fusion of Tantric Massage combined with an awe-spiring Aqua Massage is the Ultimate form of seductive pleasure. At Peachy we are the Sensual Happiness People, inviting you to our World of Pure unrivalled Pleasure.

Heidi xx

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