Tantric Massage Links

As London’s leading Tantric Massage Service, Peachy Massage London shares links and information with some of the most notable Tantric Institutes world-wide.

Melbourne’s Jade Lotus Tantric Temple and Tantra Courses for Adults

Berlin is now the city of cultural cool, openness, experimentation offering much opportunity to explore Tantric Massage. We recommend Tantra Massage Berlin.

Alegraluz is the Number One source for Tantric Massages, Tantra Training and Tantra Holidays.

Tanta Link is a wonderful source of collating information on tantra teachers, tantra events and everything tantric

MassageOnline.net is, an online network devoted to Massage, Massage Therapy, Massage Therapists, Schools, Training, Massage related sites and services.

MassageCalls.com is one of the best massage websites offering information on massage providers.